Saturday, July 28, 2007

My New Ride

I just got back from a much needed vacation to Tsugua 51. On the way back I decided to swing by the Antique Turbo Blaster Show on Calotron. I finally shot the lock off my credit account and bought myself this new... well... this new-used ride. Ain't she a beauty. If you ever have the time and you're in this end of the galaxy you gotta go. They had the largest exhibition of vintage rockets from this end of the Turnoc Way to the other. Screaming machines that will knock your spacesuit off. Man, it was so awesome!

Friday, April 6, 2007

Where to Begin

This is my first post on my very own blog. Wow! Well, I'm Zakco and now that I can transmit via the internet to Earth I'm not too sure where to begin.

I own a used rocket dealership... actually I'm pretty new to the biz. An eccentric uncle of mine willed the dealership to me. The dealership really isn't in the most ideal spot in this part of the galaxy either. It's located on the edge of the Draco Belt, pretty far away from the Space Jetway (Spacestate 525). In other words, in Earth speak, it's located on the back roads, a considerable distance from any expressways or major vacation spots.

It used to be the place to stop at on the way to your favorite space vacation destination. It was more than a rocket dealership too. It was a place for filling up, rocket maintenance, getting supplies, a dealership and a classic rocket museum all in one. But that all changed a long time ago. You see, this dealership is situated on a tropical asteroid named Alpha, and it was once part of a cluster of these other asteroids. But the gravitational field on one of the largest asteroids started to shift... it actually broke apart. Causing it to collide with the other asteroids and it started a mini-chain reaction out here. Throwing a lot of the remaining asteroids into new orbit paths and pummeling the smaller ones into tiny bits. Alpha is one of the few asteroids that is still intact and as beautiful and lush as ever.

To make a long story short… in the aftermath, the Space Commission thought it was a good time to build a new jetway. By building it away from the old wobbly asteroids you didn’t have to drive your rocket through space debris or meteoroid showers. It made it so much easier for vacationers to get to their favorite destination a whole lot quicker.

So here I am today. I’ve inherited this dealership from my uncle and it has lots of classic rocket ships and I’m trying to get it off the ground and start a booming business. If anyone has any ideas as to how to help make it successful, all suggestions are greatly appreciated. And, if you happen to be zapping through this part of the galaxy stop on by. We’re right off exit 91, a sharp turn just after the giant carved meteoroid in the shape of a flying saucer.

Happy Rocketing!